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Welcome back my dear friend. So soon. My, how time flies. Another year older. Another year wiser.

Detox. Diet. Drink less. Drink more. Diatribe. Wellness. Wellbeing. Well worth it. Well I never.

The only problem is that the only person who can successfully reinvigorate & reinvent yourself into the new you is the old you. Yep, the one and the same couch-placed, sloth-paced, breaking-bad-addicted, exercise-averse, junk-food-loving old you. The old you that really would be the last person you’d trust in ringing in the new you. The old you that failed miserably in heralding in the long-overdue changes twelve months ago. The old you didn’t apply himself too diligently to the task in hand last time around, and truth be told the track-record doesn’t promise much chance of change in the beckoning twelve months. Like trusting your future health & fitness to an obese, Macdonald’s-sponsored, chain-smoking personal trainer, you just wouldn’t, would you?

Mind, having said that, I have certainly imbibed a little less of late, have yet to stuff my face with a whopper and haven’t yet taken-to the evil weed, so all’s not lost. In fact, here’s the point: don’t resolve to be the new you, who runs to the shops, meditates instead of twittering, opts for a good read as opposed to re-runs of Pointless, chooses water over wine, listens in contravention of waiting to talk whilst resisting the temptations & seductions of modern life. No, don’t aim to become that person but do aim to become the one who can say no once in a blue-moon, the one who isn’t always the last one holding-up the bar, the one who doesn’t think of his car as a drive-in restaurant, the one who’s going to read a magazine as opposed to watching crazy cat vids on your smart phone. Now, that’s the new you.

Today is the first day of the rest of your week.