Welcome to my website. I concede it’s a bit of an ego-trip but if you find some of my escapades and opinions informative, amusing, annoying or even inspire you to attempt similar, then it’s worthwhile. The context of Second Hand Views is that my phone isn’t smart, I’ve never sent a tweet, won’t ever pose for a selfie and I’m not a friend to my son on Facebook. In fact, I’m no-one’s friend on Facebook. I read, I digest and I regurgitate with my spin on the things that matter. To me.

Generally, it highlights I’ve always had too much time on my hands and should have got a proper job years ago. What I’ve learned is that a healthy relationship with society is vital, work can be a laugh if you try hard enough, squash is just the best sport yet invented, fell-running & triathlon are exhausting, being tone deaf need not hold you back musically, motorcycling is very, very dangerous and ‘never again’ seldom means it.

Carl Beetham

New Business Development,
Sales & Marketing

Co-founding Unix Connections whilst in my early-20s provided ample opportunity for making mistakes and boy did I take it. Prior to exiting the business twenty years later, I’d grown the organisation to 40 employees and £10m turnover, twice: it’s a long-story and one where I lost way more money than I ever made. En-route, I recruited over 2500 individuals but freely admit to being nervous before each and every interview.

I’ve now invested & thrown my lot in with a couple of companies including UK micropayments start-up, Tibit, contingency workforce management vendor, expressHR, and talent management software organisation, Headlight. All are destined for great things. Probably. If not, then I’ll be open to offers so have a look at the Three Like Minds if you’re that way inclined.