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Fakers, chancers, charlatans & blaggers

Who’d’ve thought that, following her hilarious plagiarising of Michelle Obama’s speech t’other week, the third Mrs Trump would go even further by telling a few porkies about her early academic life? Contrary to her vociferous claims, the lovely Melania did not in fact obtain a degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana. Instead, she left after the first year to pursue a modelling career in Milan, and no-one can blame her for that. Indeed, our very own Melania, Ms Leadsom, was rightly accused of stretching the truth when it transpired that, far from being the investment fund mogul she’d claimed to be, was little more than a glorified marketing manager! What’s shocking about this is not necessarily the white […]

if at first you don’t succeed

As a cyclist of sorts, doping scandals and the institutionalised acceptance of the bleedin’ obvious are nothing new to me. Yet even the actions of old disgraces pale into virtual insignificance beside the recent revelations of Russia’s state-sanctioned doping programme. Yes, we all knew that many of its athletes, across many sports, had illegally enhanced their performances but to find out the true extent of cheating is nothing short of mind-boggling: between 2012 and 2015, Russian sports officials covered up, or interfered with, 312 positive drugs tests in 28 different sports. So shocking were the disclosures that the International Olympic Committee quite rightly tabled an outright and all-encompassing ban on the whole Russian team attending the imminent Rio Olympics. That […]

closed for business

Without going over old ground, many of you will recall that I was, during my teenage years, a humble employee of British Home Stores. If so, you will also be aware of my critical view of Sir Philip Green, and the ever-manipulative Lady Green, who once observed from the marbled rooms of the company’s investment vehicle, Taveta, that her wheeler-dealer husband “does nothing without consulting me”. Unfortunately, it gives me precious little pleasure in being proved right about their self-centred motivations & greedy actions and I suspect his on/off knighthood debacle is of little consolation, or even interest, to the eleven thousand ex-employees and many more thousands of pensioners. To further rub salt in the wound, it now transpires she’s […]

calm down and carry on

Do you know what I really like about Theresa May? I really like the fact that she appears to go about her business without much fuss and the bare minimum of passion. If anything, she approaches her tasks, of which there must be many at this point in time, as though it were her job. I could envisage her sitting down at her desk, first thing in the morning, cup of Earl Grey to hand and compiling her to-do list: sack dissenters, check; promote pals, check; try a new softer hairstyle at salon, check; annoy Europe via crazy fall-guy-Boris appointment, check; take Mark Carney down a peg, check; bid on ebay kitten-heels, check; meet the Queen, check. All efficiently completed […]

we’re all going on a summer holiday

Like many of you, when summer finally dawns there’s one indispensable app I invariably reach for, the world’s most trusted travel site, TripAdvisor. I love the independent nature of reviewers, the sheer objectivity of opinion, the in-depth detail of most reviews, the relevance to my own escapades and the fact it’s a positive experience for all involved – readers, reviewers, visitors, hotel owners and restauranteurs alike. A true win-win all-round. Well, it would be if that were the case, but it ain’t. I openly admit to being the most gullible of individuals, somewhat of a marketers’ dream, and for many years I have firmly believed what I’ve read and made decisions & choices based upon the info I’ve engaged with. […]

my final word on the subject

Several of you expressed concerns as to why I didn’t appear to be commenting as rabidly as many of my counterparts on the run-up to the referendum vote, and why I’ve been almost conspicuous by my absence since. Well, mainly because it’s been over-commented upon by individuals with far more flair than I and also because, as it turns out, there’s just been so much fall-out that virtually any post is out of date as soon as it’s out there. As this one probably is by the time you’re reading it! My sole post prior to the vote attempted to establish the facts as I saw them so it guess it’s fitting that I attempt the same, post vote: – […]

back to the future

As we now know, the post-referendum fall-out has morphed the opposing groups into two new entities: the Sore Losers and the Regrexiters. As I restock my Doomsday shelter with Waitrose pesto & smoked salmon roulade, I am truly fascinated by the latter, as they appear to be everywhere: from the Generation Y’ers on social media claiming they were relying on the sensible people of this country to keep us ‘in’ whilst allowing them to exercise their democratic right of a protest vote, to the silver vote that now admits it made a bit of a boo-boo in believing Lord Farage actually had a plan. Speaking of which, he’s busy resigning as UKIP leader I write this missive. And the biggest […]

the peasants are revolting

WTF. Well there we have it. Out. The people have spoken. Yet again, Winston Churchill seemed to have called it correctly when he stated “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” The bitter and largely negative campaign has seen the argument pitch father against son, neighbour against neighbour and community against community. Not since the winter of discontent in the late 70s, or possibly the miners’ strike of the early 80s, have we witnessed such polarised and heartfelt opinion. And with the most prolific UK google searches since last Friday being ‘what does Brexit stand for’ and ‘what does Brexit mean’, perhaps the most uninformed! We all knew that whatever the result, the referendum […]

advantage, Federer

Dark storm clouds are gathering. Rain peppers the window panes of South-West London. A mood of despondency & resignation descends upon the nation. Forecasts predict gloom for the foreseeable, and it’s universally predicted economic-output is immediately going to fall. It can only mean one thing. The fall-out from the shocking Brexit decision? Nah, don’t be silly, it’s Wimbledon again and time for us all to go the tennis equivalent of snooker-loopy! Cards on the table I’m never been a big tennis fan but I have to admit I read an interesting article t’other day on everyone’s favourite & sartorially elegant tennis player, Roger Federer. The first thing I learn from the ever-calm, well-mannered and considered gentleman is that this wasn’t […]

old hat

You know something’s here to stay when it’s no longer the-new-kid-on-the-block and transcends to ‘old hat’. It happens to social media mechanisms, it happens to pop stars, it happens to fads & fashions, and it’s happened to bitcoin. Fans, supporters, currency-holders and speculators of the long-standing cryptocurrency have undoubtedly been dancing in their virtual streets after its price jumped more than 20% to $550, and it’ll probably be $600 by the time you’re reading this. Fuelled by a rumoured lack of trust in the Chinese investment market, the currency appears to have become an outlet and safe-haven for frustrated savers & traders, and Beijing authorities, in an unusually authoritarian response (not!) have allegedly banned banks from dealing in #bitcoin. Notwithstanding […]

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