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Esse est percipi

It’ll come as no great surprise that I’ve never read any of the world’s great philosophers. Plato, Nietzsche, Jung and Marx have all sadly passed me by (so far) and I fully concede that my own thoughts on life are more fag-packet than Freud, more vapid than Voltaire and more desperate than Descartes. Nonetheless, I do like it when an intelligent, perceptive thinker brings some of the more classical musings into the modern day.

there may be trouble ahead

Researching one particular post often leads to another and the earlier one concerning cryptocurrencies lead me to start thinking generally, about more broadly based investments and specifically, whether our money could survive another major meltdown? As it transpires, about every ten-twelve years a financial crisis hits global markets and you don’t need me to remind you the last one happened in 2008. Uh oh.

bitcoin’s back with a vengeance

Don’t you just hate it when some annoying person tells you ‘I told you so’. Well, I told you so. Na, na, na, na, na! Earlier this year, on the 7th January to be precise, in a post entitled ‘2019:The Year of Bitcoin’, I unequivocally stated “I genuinely believe in its (Bitcoin) value (wholly unrelated to its price), its technology, its idealism and it is for these reasons that I’m sticking with it.

theresa’s house party

I once solemnly confessed to a pal that I just didn’t understand the rules behind Noel Edmond’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ only to be told that was the whole point, there were no rules. It was entirely a game of chance, where the contestants merely guessed what the red boxes contained and if they were lucky they went home with the money.

the second referendum

OK, let’s not beat about the bush, tomorrow’s European Parliamentary elections are not about which individuals we send to Strasbourg on the 1st July. Like anyone actually cares who is going to be their next MEP! No, the only thing that matters in this poll is the number of pro-remain vs the number of pro-leave votes: Thursday’s vote is our second referendum in all but name.

tgi friday

Who out there can recall the pure, simple pleasure of finishing the school week and anticipating the hedonistic fun that both the evening and weekend ahead promised? Well, as it turns out that particular school day is getting shorter and shorter.

did you miss me when i was away?

In a comeback only marginally less well-received than that of serial paedophile Paul Gadd (aka Gary Glitter), Nigel Farage is back and, as clearly demonstrated by his facetious one-line-sound-bite pantomime performances on last week’s Question Time and the Andrew Marr Show, he’s more dangerous than ever. It would appear nothing can stop the irrepressible the Honourable Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England in his tracks.

pillow talk

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being involved with me, especially in a work scenario, way will know that I’m a creature of habit who likes his routines. It’s long been my mantra that to be productive, efficient and successful, you need a routine, especially a morning routine. Mind, those creative types have never fully signed-up to this and as Marcel Proust once commented “the one thing more difficult than following a regimen is not imposing it on others.” How very dare he.

to infinity and beyond

Last week’s hullabaloo over the fantastic photographs of the massive black hole made me realise I’ve been a little lax of late in commenting upon the Tories’ recent performance. Have a good luck at some of those photos and I’m pretty sure you can just about make-out the remnants of the party disappearing into the abyss.

perfect pasta

One of the outcomes of penning these various missives is that I do occasionally end-up practising what I preach, or even preaching what I’ve been practising for some time. This was certainly the case in the earlier ‘when less is more’ post where I poked my nose into why our diets have become so much poorer, even as we have become more wealthy, and how exactly our food is now killing us, not through its lack, but by its abundance?

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