People, politics, tech, money, sport, work and entertainment all intertwine to make up today’s ever-changing, crazy, delightful and frustrating society. The majority of my second-hand-views are about life within our society and, with a left-of-centre stance, there’s bound to be something here that gets your goat. When it does, buy a bundle of tibs, donate one to my charity of choice, Stay Close to Neve, and get it off your chest with a retort – better out than in. Have fun, be good and keep at ‘em.

happy anniversary, America

When the Mayflower left Plymouth on 16th September 1620 and set sail for the New World, it carried the hopes and dreams of 102 passengers and the journey would shape the history of modern America.

go north, young man

Estate agents’ glossy leaflets drop through my letterbox daily. ‘For Sale’ signs proliferate on pavements. Transit vans advertising extensions park haphazardly on each and every verge. Tarpaulins shielding the latest loft conversion flap in the breeze. The signs are clear that people are looking for property in my neck-of-the-woods. For those of us lucky enough to own one, the value and quality of life is measured in house prices.

the cult of boris

How many times does this need to happen? Sorry. I can’t hold my tongue any longer and apologise in advance. Fans and supporters of our woeful, disreputable prime minister should look away now. How much more evidence do we need that Boris Johnson has complete contempt for both the rule of law and for the dignity such high office warrants?

panic buy. now!

The good news is that this isn’t going to be an overtly political post. The bad news is that I drew little comfort from Rishi and Bojo’s recent reassurances that there would be a goodly amount of Christmas presents available for everyone to buy. But whatever the situation proves to be, it isn’t all their fault.

how much time do you have left?

Considering the first modern humans appeared on the plains of Africa some 200,00 years ago and current estimates are that life, in some form, will continue for more than another billion years, the average human lifespan is terrifyingly short and truly does represent the proverbial blink of an eye.

actions and consequences

Brexit. There I’ve said it. Brexit has become the Voldemort of British politics: he whose name shall never be spoken aloud. Even though it’s the only explanation that fits the multiple societal crises we are currently experiencing.

open all hours

Perhaps like me, you may have thought that the laziest thing you’ve done over the past couple of years was having a too-tasty take-away delivered by UberEats or your weekly shop shipped-in via Ocado? Well, think again.

make america great again. again

Like a formulaic teenage slasher movie, just when you think it was all merely a bad dream the monster pops-up again. Believe it or not, Donald Trump is still fighting the election outcome, still contesting ballots throughout the country.

the silence is defeaning

There’s no denying that we all indulge in a little ‘rebranding’ from time to time. An update to the CV putting a slightly more positive slant on the last three sackings. The increased use of soft filters on the next ever-so Instagram head-shot. Losing five years and gaining three inches on the profile.

those lazy, hazy days of summer

I’m not looking for sympathy here as this probably applies to many of us but, as Autumn prepares to be formally welcomed, for the second year on the trot I’ve not been on holiday. Now, okay, and before some wag points out that every day for me should be classed as a holiday, let me clarify and say I’ve not been away on holiday!