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No, I didn’t join the hoi-polloi’s legalised slaughter of wee game birds in the Highlands but on the first day of lockdown restrictions being lifted, I did go to the barbers for a short back & sides, the swimming pool for a dip and the pub for a pint. Subsequently, I’ve sat in the dentist’s chair, cycled round the Isle of Wight and popped into many pals’ houses for a socially-distanced cold-one.

There’s no denying that, having been deprived of our retail fix for three or four months, the wider commercial mood has been upbeat and the release has been an important morale-boost for millions. It’s estimated that, stripped of opportunities to splash the cash, we have amassed an additional £180bn in our bank accounts and businesses obviously hope we’ll continue to hit the high street with a vengeance and go on a spending spree that will kick-start a long-lasting economic recovery. However, somewhat poignantly, the collapsed department store Debenhams reopened its doors on the 12th April but only for a closing-down sale.

The Government too is urging us to get out and spend, spend, spend but, cards on the table, I won’t be obeying its latest mixed-message edict. I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve kinda fallen outta love with the whole consumerist cycle and any savings I’ve manged to squirrel away will be cautiously deployed in the future. I already have more than enough stuff and this pandemic still has a way to go. Trade and investment are essential to both a national and world recovery and these figures are universally depressed. British consumers cannot spend us out of this situation on their own.

Anyway, enough of my Eeyorish capitalist counterpoint, the real thrust of today’s post is to remind you all to get out there and cast your vote in whatever election you have the opportunity to do so. It doesn’t matter a jot who you assign your X to but we must do it, people have died to allow us to do so, and not that long ago for that matter. Even if you don’t feel anyone is particularly listening to you and no-one represents how you feel, go to the polling booth and spoil your ballot paper, it’s just as valid and perhaps even sends the right message to the powers that be.

The Glorious Sixth – happy voting day.