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Okay, I admit I told you to go out and vote but I didn’t expect you to do that, what exactly were you thinking?

Notwithstanding Labour’s relative successes in the mayoral ballots, the Hartlepool result kinda show the bigger picture: they got bulldozered. If the Tories can win here, a town with the highest unemployment rate in the country, and where their new MP openly admits she’s spent more time in the Cayman Islands than in the town, they truly can win anywhere. Converting a two thousand deficit to an almost nine thousand majority means they won’t have to count their winning margins in the future they can weigh them!

Boris Johnson is an appalling prime minister, and one that emerged today has a current CCJ out on him addressed to No 10 FFS, but as an electioneer he is unrivalled. Both the Labour Party and Keir Starmer are not appealing to the voting public and it would appear we’re going through one of the most sweeping electoral changes ever witnessed. Working people, who once saw Labour as part and parcel of their very being, are now voting Tory. En masse. Urban and woke is continually being outflanked by tradition and patriotic.

Thinking back to the mid-80s, people didn’t vote for Thatcher by reading the small print, they did so because they bought into the big picture and believed she had a long-term vision. Oh, and they wanted to own their own house. She addressed policy with expansive brushstroke images. Bojo is widely seen as untrustworthy and unprincipled but his 2016 decision, and the image of freedom and independence he painted, has defined our path like no other. Beyond banging on about what it isn’t (Corbyn, remain, sleazy, corrupt, anti-Semitic) the centre-left needs to offer some images of its own.

I, for one, still believe a relatively serious, studious, pragmatic and learned leader of the opposition is central to our future but it could do worse than redefine itself as the party for collective society. God forbid a Socialist party, focused on social care, affordable housing, childcare, poverty, welfare and the community at large. It needs to reconnect with those that it serves and a failure to do so will be a failure for all.