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In answer to the TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) revelations of the last couple of weeks, Sir Bradley deemed to give journalist pal, William Fothergill, an ‘access-all-areas’ interview in this weekend’s Guardian. By all means do have a read if you’re interested on finding out more concerning the grey areas of drug use professional teams operate within, but I suspect, like me, you’ll be left a tad nonplussed by his range of reasons and excuses:

  • “I’ve got a history of allergy to pollen and I had real problems with it in races”
  • “It caused uncontrollable sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and the urge to rub them constantly”
  • “My mother suffers from it terribly”
  • “I raced the Giro & the Tour and it coincided with the pollen season”
  • “I’d be constantly like I was full of a cold”
  • “The doctor out there at the time, can’t remember who it was, did the race”
  • “I’d like to know in all honesty with David (Miller), what doses were they taking? When did you take it, how much did you take?”
  • “The landscape at that time was very much Lance Armstrong”

I’m afraid it just doesn’t tally with the forthright individual, and strong character, that I’ve been following for years. And this from a journalist and author who ghost-wrote Wiggo’s ‘My Time’ autobiography. Having spent so many months, if not years, with the cyclist, why did Fothergill never witness any of these attacks, or even see evidence of the symptoms? In fact, the most recognised and respected of UK Tour commentators cannot recall any trace of Wiggins’s allergy/asthma problem in the eight years he spoke with him frequently and at length. There’s no doubt both Bradley Wiggins & Team Sky operated to the letter of the law, but not to the spirit. Stop digging, Bradley, please stop digging, the medals are tarnished and the yellow jersey fading.