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Whilst Boris Johnson’s partygate travails continue to be the gift that can’t stop giving, a far more important admission managed to recently slip past the editors’ attention of our red-top dailies, virtually unnoticed. Upon the seventh anniversary of the vote that took Britain out of the EU, Nigel Farage, lead UKIP-er and arch-Brexiter, the man who single-handedly took credit for the decision, uttered, on live TV, three telling words “Brexit has failed.” And for once, he is right.

The consequences can be seen daily and don’t need repeating here other than to point out that we’re now not merely the seventh worst performing economy in the G7 but 20th in the G20. But it’s not just the economy, stupid. Remember, the Brexiters argued that any amount of GDP pain would be worth suffering as long as it resulted in a reduction in the immigration numbers. Well, that went to plan, Nige. Oh, and let’s not forget the bonfire of bureaucracy that’s just been kicked into touch. And #350m never actually going to the NHS, weekly.  

Mind, the divisive Farage stopped short of saying that we’d’ve been better staying within the EU and sought to blame it on the “useless” politicians that had “mismanaged this totally.” But how so? The exit deal was devised, pushed-through and supposedly ‘done’ by our very own Brexit bombshell and a conviction Brexiter now resides in No 10. It transpires, it’s all the fault of the civil service. Or the remoaning elite. Or the BBC. Unions. Universities. Keir Starmer. Or anyone who didn’t buy-into their lies and deceit. And the most bitter joke of all is that BoJo appears never really to have believed in it. On the fateful morning of the result, he was heard to mutter “Holy sh*t, f*ck, what have we done?” It was downhill from thereon in.

Fast forward seven years and the Tory party knows it’s done for. Even its factions have factions. Last month, following its disastrous local election results, the Conservative Democratic Organisation, lead by Priti Patel and Jacob Rees Mogg, rallied to mourn the death of ‘true conservatism’ and fantasise about bringing Boris back. No, really. Down the road, National Conservatism saw Suella Braverman make her leadership pitch by championing the nation state and the traditional nuclear family. In reality, the only common-ground they both agree on is the tenuous belief that Labour would be worse.

Our next prime minister is going to be a Labour one, and one whose convictions encompass social cohesion, development and growth, in other words, a more egalitarian traditionalism than any of the three Conservative parties could offer.