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OK, OK, OK, enough already. Chris Froome. Regular readers will already know what I’m going to say as it’ll come as no surprise that I still haven’t quite got over his unwarranted ‘La Toussuire’ attack on Sir Wiggo of Bradley! Chris Froome is a ruthless, opportunistic, self-centred so-and-so. Born in Kenya, these traits reared their ugly heads again as he ditched his country of birth in the blink of a lottery-funded British Olympic eye and adopted Brailsford’s ‘marginal gain’ mentality at all costs. Never living in this country, Froome resides, along with Lewis Hamilton, in Monaco, where I suspect he pays considerably less tax on his four million quid annual salary.

A long-term TUE user, his use/abuse of asthma drug, salbutamol, comes as much of a surprise as Team Sky’s attempt to keep it quiet. This however will have greater repercussions than Wiggins’ blatant ham-fisted misdemeanours and the cracks in the ice are there for all to see. Forget the Jiffy bag, the mysterious motorcyclist or the doctor’s inability to make notes and keep even basic records, it’s my prediction that this one is going to hit the fan like never before.

Rupie’s decision to offload a chunk of his Sky empire to Disney carries with it the longest redundancy note in recent employment history. Team Sky, the pet project of James Murdoch, who decreed the £25m set-up and contracted continuation costs as being worthwhile, is now on borrowed-time. Disney will not be as forgiving of the tarnished image of cycling as James and the team’s days, irrespective of their two-year rolling contract, are numbered. David Brailsford’s mealy-mouthed explanation that “mistakes were made” is going to go down as the year’s greatest understatement.