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Tech is good. Tech is smart. Tech is beneficial. Tech makes me cool. Tech makes my life better.

As part of a crowdfunded tech start-up I’m now in up to my neck and seem to spend way too much time watching similarly styled companies on Kickstarter, Seedrs or Crowdcube. Here I see every imaginable tech gizmo-gadget under the sun, each promising to be THE answer to all my problems, real, imagined or yet to be perceived. The bike lock that operates via my iphone (I don’t have one and can amazingly remember my own combination); the gas-bottle monitor that ensures I don’t, horror of horrors, run out of gas during my BBQ (I use good ol’ fashioned charcoal); the super smart heat controlling thermostat that would avoid me having to put on a jumper if I get home slightly early in winter; the app that kindly notifies me of a table-cancellation at my favourite restaurant, which I would have already booked if I fancied a night-out on the tiles.

Big deal. What did we ever do before the Internet of Things was invented to save us from ourselves? We are truly in the age of the superfluous where the trivial and the unnecessary rule as the emperor’s new clothes never have done before. Is this really the best tech has to offer us?