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It turns out that earlier this month, blonde bombshell, Barbie, turned sixty, collected her free bus pass and headed off to her retirement dream-beach-house, no doubt with perennial boyfriend, Ken, in hot-pursuit. With over 200 different jobs under her belt since branching-out from modelling, including high-earning stints as airline pilot, police officer, dentist, firefighter, business executive and marine corps sergeant, no one can call her a slouch, so it’s pertinent to take a nosey at the state of her finances.

Having been one of the first employees within the gig economy and enjoying so many varied careers, Barbie is likely to have pensions all over the place and it’s probable that she’s been advised her IFA to simplify them all into a self-invested personal pension, a SIPP, where she can see all her investments and assets in one place. Mind, there are caveats and she should be wary about giving-up valuable benefits such as the guaranteed income from her public service roles. She may also need to brush-up on her investment knowledge as the next couple of years look like being turbulent ones.

Barbie’s undoubtedly done well for herself but I’m surprised the glamorous professional of financial planning passed her by. However, the gender pay-gap seems to have bothered her little and it’s her male counterparts that have fared poorly in comparison: Action Man’s crypto punt went south and he’s living in sheltered accommodation, Stretch Armstrong er…over-stretched himself in the post millennium property boom and is now homeless and destitute, Ming-the-Merciless’s many enemies foreclosed on him, the Minions lost millions and Evel Knievel came to sticky-end as the gold bars he carried everywhere meant he didn’t reach the final ramp!