They say an individual’s personality is determined by a combination nature and nurture. Tom Beetham blows that theory out of the water as he’s smart, sharp and a thoroughly nice fellow to boot. For a slightly younger and more intelligent take on the same kinda stuff, do have a nosey at his musings and you’ll be able to sleep more soundly in the knowledge that, contrary to what The Daily Mail would have us all believe, we’re not off to hell in a hand-cart just yet.

the peak of places

‘Why the Peak District’, I hear you say? For me as a southerner, it maybe lacks the proximity of the New Forest, or the glamour of the Lake District; but curious, and short of a bob or two, I decided to give it a whirl. And anyway, I figured, if I like the Lake District, and the only difference is replacing ‘lakes’ for ‘peaks’ then what’s not to love? After all, I like peaks almost as much as I like lakes!