They say an individual’s personality is determined by a combination nature and nurture. Tom Beetham blows that theory out of the water as he’s smart, sharp and a thoroughly nice fellow to boot. For a slightly younger and more intelligent take on the same kinda stuff, do have a nosey at his musings and you’ll be able to sleep more soundly in the knowledge that, contrary to what The Daily Mail would have us all believe, we’re not off to hell in a hand-cart just yet.

down in the dordogne

Golden sunflowers blur alongside barley crops which sway lazily in the summer breeze. Around you the gently rolling hills are ablaze with colour, and intermittent natural woodland breaks up the expanse. Journey down from the higher ground towards the nearest settlement, the small river-side town of Le Bugue, and you are accompanied by the smell of wild lavender and the faint chiming of church bells.

what goes around comes around

Just as it does for many pupils, Gordon’s came to define me. As a boarder you don’t simply attend lessons – you become woven into the fabric of the school and it in turn shapes your outlook for years to come. To this day my friends still refer to themselves in the collective as ‘Camels’…and this is five years on! Life has a funny way of coming full circle.

should britain trust miliband with a ‘hell yes’?

I like Ed Miliband. And I think, whether or not you agree with his party’s political stance, you would be hard pressed not to. The geeky, second-generation immigrant trod the well-worn path of PPE and Oxford, and progressed into the depths of the Labour Party soon after. He later surfaced as MP for Doncaster North and subsequently entered the cabinet as secretary of state for energy and climate change. Diane Abbot once described Ed as a “genuinely nice and principled person”, and I find little reason to disagree with this. When he talks about his developing vision for the country, and a desire to help those most in need, I believe him.

a miserable time for british politics

The General Election has snuck up on us like an elephant clothed in luminous pink underwear, and with it, a sad emphasis on the highly negative nature of current UK politics. It has been seven years since Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ campaign captured the imagination of not just an America in turmoil, but many in the western world. It was a campaign centred around change, but more importantly, change for the better. Being the cynical bunch that we British are, any UK candidate who campaigned under the slogan ‘Yes We Can’, would probably be laughed off stage. And whilst I agree that it is rather more ‘American Dream’ than Grimsby by-election, this does not mean that we couldn’t learn […]

the nhs is in intensive care, but no one wants to know

The repetition and extensive media coverage that began months before the general election means that most people are all too aware of the electoral ‘battleground’, and how the NHS features amongst this. Labour have made the NHS the central tenet of their election campaign, claiming that the very ‘future of our NHS is at stake in this general election’. This is predominantly a response to scare-mongering claims that the Coalition government is hell-bent on selling off ‘our’ NHS to the highest private bidder.

tackle the deficit

Talk of the deficit is very much in vogue, and the opposition leaders are fighting like toddlers in a ball pit in an attempt to air their own plans to cut the country’s deficit. Meanwhile, Dave and fellow toff George Osbourne look so chuffed about cutting the deficit by only taking money from people who were never going to vote for them in the first place, that they risk bursting into an unholy Eton mess.

the peak of places

‘Why the Peak District’, I hear you say? For me as a southerner, it maybe lacks the proximity of the New Forest, or the glamour of the Lake District; but curious, and short of a bob or two, I decided to give it a whirl. And anyway, I figured, if I like the Lake District, and the only difference is replacing ‘lakes’ for ‘peaks’ then what’s not to love? After all, I like peaks almost as much as I like lakes!