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Like a formulaic teenage slasher movie, just when you think it was all merely a bad dream the monster pops-up again. Believe it or not, Donald Trump is still fighting the election outcome, still contesting ballots throughout the country. Holed-up in Mar-a-Largo and exiled by the emperors of social media, The Donald has remained largely absent from public life but to appease him, Republican state senators have arranged for two, sometimes three reviews and recounts within specific states, most noticeably Arizona, overseen by a private contractor of their own choosing, the Cyber Ninjas. I kid you not.

This Florida based firm, with no previous auditing experience, have, in a nod to the conspiracy theory that ballots were shipped over from China, tested them for bamboo fibres, and have been shown to employ ‘crusaders’ who were identified as being actively involved in January’s US Capitol riots. It would almost be entertaining were it not so potentially damaging and a recent CNN poll identified that just shy of 80% of Republicans didn’t believe Joe Biden legitimately won the presidential contest. ‘Stop the Steal’ is now almost an article of faith and it’s clear the country has yet to shake this guy off.

Trump still matters. He cannot be consigned to the past and his influence affects the present and will impact the future. The conversation whereby he would win the Republican presidential nomination for a third time and be their choice for the White House, is starting to take shape. There’s no escaping the fact that he has a successful playbook and this is not to be underestimated. Mind, whether or not he himself returns to office, or merely acts as a kingmaker to the next, is almost secondary: Trumpism is already in the American bloodstream and, sadly, it ain’t going away anytime soon.

To bookend this piece with another movie truism, in four years the Democrats are going to need a bigger boat.