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No, not the face-painted glam stars of your not-so-rebellious musical past, but that relatively-old business acronym applied to all scenarios, Keep It Simple, Stoopid. And I use the ‘business’ term loosely as, coming from the very periphery of the computing-industry where anyone speaks of keeping it simple, the general idea is to make it as unbelievably complex as possible so we bamboozle anyone & everyone into buying this quarter’s must-have target-achieving-job-keeping product. The hood-winking Millennium Bug jumps to mind, as does Megadeath’s foot-tappable little ditty ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?

However, I do wholeheartedly & unashamedly ascribe to it, never more so than in matters of the wallet. Consequently, it was a delight to see financial journalists Helaine Olen & Harold Pollack agree to agree that everything you need to know about money-matters could be written on the back of the once ubiquitous three-inch by five-inch rolodex card (go google you Millennials). Here we go:

– Without becoming an anti-social pious hermit, save as much of your money as you can. You will be old one day. No, really.
– At the risk of foregoing the next iPhone, pay-off your credit-card every month.
– If you’re of sound mind & body, make full-use of as many tax-protected saving allowances as the government of the day lures you with.
– Upon pain of excommunication from the Fellowship of Facebook, neither a borrower or lender be.
– Oh, and never dabble in stocks & shares as you’re up against far more intelligent algorithms. Doh. Now you tell me.

And there’s no reason to suspect these wise words of wisdom need to be limited to the morally-dubious world of finance & banking. How’s this for great dietary advice from scientist Michael Pollan: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Mind, I’m pretty sure the multi-billion dollar industries of food, dieting, fitness & self-help, might have something very complex to say about that!