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Courtesy of Harry Styles they’ve been seen under the spotlight, glamourous Selena Gomez graces the catwalks of Europe’s fashion shows in them and national-treasure Nigella claims to live in hers. Yep, pyjamas have all of a sudden become centre-stage, so much so that they are now de rigueur and appearing at a set of school gates near you, now. However, not content with turning up in their jimjams, it appears parents are also encouraging their offspring to relieve themselves on said gates prior to entering the hallowed ground, whilst puffing on their well-earned first spliff of the day.

The police, unsurprisingly, have been informed but a hard core of parents have taken to the Twittersphere to accuse anyone who cares to listen of snobbery, arrogance and a lack of perception. Even the mildest of criticism receives a vitriolic, violent tongue-lashing in today’s ever-connected society.

Sure, life can be fraught and we all, irrespective of kids & school runs, have pressing deadlines, angry bosses and chaotic commitments but, at the risk of morphing into Aggrieved from Tunbridge Wells, these surely serve as examples of the thin end of the wedge. School-age kids wearing nappies as they’ve yet to be toilet-trained and children falling asleep at their desks because they’ve been playing Call of Duty all night long is symptomatic of parents not doing their job. To function and succeed in life, children need to be self-disciplined, confident, organised and well-mannered and it starts with parents setting an example. Is it too much to ask for that they set the alarm clock five minutes’ earlier and get dressed? Turning up in your nightwear, puffing on a joint and assisting your boy in shaking off his wee, is not good. Grow up and stop it.