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Well that didn’t take long did it. Oxford-educated Dominic Cummings’, our de facto prime minister, cunning programme to recruit more “weirdos and misfits” into No 10 got off to a belting start with the successful appointment, and, er, unsuccessful letting-go, of self-styled ‘super-forecaster’, Andrew Sabisky. The non-existent vetting process proved to include not even a cursory examination of Sabisky’s more recent social media output which highlighted an alarming disposition for racial eugenics and enforced contraception for working-class teenaged girls. Never mind, Dom, you win some you lose some.

Perhaps equally worrying were the facts that the Oxford-educated think-tank employee was allowed to resign as opposed being sacked and that no-one was made available to confirm that BJ actually disagreed with Sabisky’s weird and mis-fitting views. Presumably, on the basis that if the penning of similarly racist and offensive ‘journalistic pieces’ were a prerequisite to being viewed as unsuitable for the holding of a particular office, then Oxford-educated Boris Johnson may have found himself in untenable hot water. Only two lone and distant tory voices offered any level of concern over the recruiting process, the rest kept schtum.

It would have once been inconceivable to view Theresa May’s cabinets, including Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, Karen Bradley, Ester McVeigh, Chris Grayling, IDS and even Jeremy Hunt, as almost heavyweight. Ah, those halcyon political days, how I miss them…