To most of us a necessary evil, but there is a simple way work can be made more bearable and, God forbid, enjoyable. My observation from twenty-five years in recruitment is that most of us can get more enjoyment from simply understanding and accepting our relationship with work. Rumour has it that people who’ve strong relationships in work are happier, more fulfilled people and by getting a handle on this, and by playing to our strengths, it could even be a bit of a hoot. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, grateful people gotta thank, leaders gotta lead and the ingenious gotta invent!

yes minister

The differences between the public and private sectors have always been portrayed as a big deal. The private sector operating to the harsh commercial realities of the free market; the public in a cosseted tax-payers’ vacuum. The recent spending review and subsequently proposed cuts have seemingly brought this into greater conflict as the private wrings its hands in glee, anticipating that the public is going to get its long-overdue comeuppance and be dragged kicking and screaming into the bright dawning of today’s economic reality. Nowhere is this dichotomy felt more than in the provision of our pensions and the gold-plated pensions of public sector workers have come to be viewed as symptomatic of wasteful and self-serving profligacy. The more I […]