People, politics, tech, money, sport, work and entertainment all intertwine to make up today’s ever-changing, crazy, delightful and frustrating society. The majority of my second-hand-views are about life within our society and, with a left-of-centre stance, there’s bound to be something here that gets your goat. When it does, buy a bundle of tibs, donate one to my charity of choice, Stay Close to Neve, and get it off your chest with a retort – better out than in. Have fun, be good and keep at ‘em.


Notwithstanding the stock-market performance of Elon Musk’s leccy Teslas, this has been the worst of times for the car industry and, having witnessed over £100bn wiped-off its value, things are about to get Darwinian. Even before the pandemic kicked in, the industry was facing massive disruption following the worldwide economic slowdown, restrictive EU emission tests, falling demand for diesel vehicles and mounting concern over trade wars and border tariffs.

retail therapy

As the Christmas shop-fest recedes in our collective drink-addled memory, how many gifts did you receive this year that were exactly what you secretly wished and hoped for? I was given two fantastic pressies and couldn’t have been more delighted. Mind, I’ve a confession to make wrt the others as three went directly to the local charity shop and one is already re-wrapped in order to ‘re-gift’ next year. Sorry. Especially if it has your name on it.

brexit’s done

A deal is done. Having been likened to a new-born searching for a nipple, Boris Johnson has defied this critic and got Brexit done. And remainers must accept that we’ve now, once and for all, left the European Union. For the sake of the youth of today, and of the future, I know I have to but I can’t do so easily and ‘told you’ will always only be a moment’s thought from my mind. And my lips.

what did the romans ever do for us?

You’d be forgiven for thinking Covid-19 and the Conservatives were the first coalition responsible for the effective banning of Christmas but you’d be wrong. This dubious honour goes to Oliver Cromwell and his puritan forces who, in 1643, enacted legislation for the prohibition of any level of yuletide feasting and frivolity, thereby making Christmas illegal for a total of seventeen years.

guess who’s back again?

In a spectacular return to form, the world’s best-known digital currency, bitcoin, witnessed another exciting milestone for the crypto community when, on the 1st December, it achieved another all-time high of $19,911 per coin. Mind, having reached the previous high three years ago, it spectacularly crashed and lots of people lost their proverbial shirt. Understandably, the question is, is it going to do so again?

all for one and one for all

In the early days of lockdown Robert Jenrick, UK Communities Secretary, broke the rules and visited his parents. Furthermore, he then admitted he’d travelled in direct contravention to all the guidelines between several of his houses, including a Grade One listed Manor House in Hertfordshire. Not quite ‘doing a Dominic’ I concede but you certainly get the picture. They both stayed in post.

auntie knows best

Following directly on from the previous post, a key component of a democratic society is a free press and an unbiased media, and consequently within this country I genuinely believe we have every right to be justifiably proud of our very own, BBC.

i won the election!

You ‘d be forgiven for thinking that losing both the popular vote and the electoral college would’ve ended The Don’s assualt on truth and democracy, but not so cotton-picking fast y’hear! And don’t think today’s grudging half-hearted instruction to the General Services Administration to facilitate the transfer of power fundamentally changes his opposition to the election result, as it doesn’t. If anything, the guy’s just hitting his stride.

the great british blog off

To the list of things we all consider ourselves to be supremely talented at: driving, s*x and interviewing, I need to proffer another, cooking. I have wrongly considered myself to be a bit hot in the kitchen but it’s time to eat these words. Despite my weighty and ever-growing collection of largely unread cookbooks, left to my own my culinary devices it’s become obvious that my go-to lockdown staples consist of the same four dishes, three of them featuring pasta with some form of slippery sauce.

feels like the first time

The news concerning the arrival of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine being just around the corner, and the subsequent outpouring of unbridled joy, made me consider the psychology and importance of ‘firsts’ in our lives. First bicycle, first kiss, first job, first brief-encounter, first redundancy, first born – irrespective of water-under-the-bridge these heady experiences never truly disappear and you can be instantly transported back by the slightest of tick or action.