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OK, OK, enough already. Having served-up for your delectation the analyses of Vlad the Impaler and Ming the Merciless it was only a matter of time before THE BIG ONE was to follow. But with so much opinion already out there, most of it highly subjective and polarised, it’s difficult to get to the fact of the matter and the heart of the man. Let’s start with some unabashed truths:

  • Here is a man who has described Mexicans as rapists and criminals.
  • Once suggested imprisoning women for undergoing an abortion.
  • Has described women as pigs and dogs and has bragged in the locker-room of grabbing them by their genitalia.
  • Denied having a fling with Stormy Daniels but subsequently bought her silence for $130k.
  • Referred to white supremacists as “very fine people”.
  • Demanded a total ban on Muslims entering the US before settling on several specific nations.
  • Attempted to ban transgender individuals from serving in the US military.
  • Has been deliberately provocative, aggressive and demeaning to foreign powers, bordering on warmongering.
  • Retweeted racist videos which had been shown to be spurious.
  • Picked a proxy fight with China in North Korea and referred to Kim Jong-un as ‘little rocket man’. Admittedly, quite funny were it not for nuclear arms potentially being involved.
  • The subsequent summit has been on, it’s been off, and it’ll probably be on and off again.

Now, not by any stretch of the imagination did Tiny Hands invent racism, misogyny, bigotry, hatred and isolationism, but there is no doubt that his is the driving force in the process of attempting to normalise these traits. His personal style of populism is being adopted by the mainstream-right the world over and will see the eventual creep to legitimisation of these views. Trump provides not leadership but reactive, knee-jerk chaos masquerading as policy. More America Foolish than America First. He is weak, cowardly and, above all, dangerous.